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Protecting Your Business, Limiting Your Liability

Ron Bush Consulting offers IT support that is proactive, aggressive, multi-layered and cost-effective. We use the best technology in the business to help keep your information secure. Let us manage your information security so that you can focus on managing your business.

Risk Assessment

Our system assessment can be run on individual computers, or entire networks. The reports generated identify information system weaknesses lurking within.

Policies & Procedures

Results from the risk assessment help us create/update policies and procedures to establish protocols to maintain a healthy information system going forward.

Employee Training

New policies and procedures are put to work through employee training sessions.  Our personalized employee training is tailored for your staff.

Identity Theft Protection

One in every 16 U.S. adults were victims of ID theft in 2016,  a 16% increase from the previous year. We can help provide the tools to minimize your risk.

Off Site Data Storage

We are constantly searching the industry to bring you the best in data storage solutions that match the needs of your business.

Cyber Security

You will not find a partner more dedicated to helping your business protect information from data breaches and fraud. We will help you establish procedures for both day to day activities as well as emergencies.


Is the fine per patient chart, plus 25 years in prison, for a data breech due to criminal negligence by a health care provider (covered entity) according to HIPAA guidelines.


of cyber-breach victims are small to mid-size businesses, which are at the greatest risk for an attack.

3 Reasons Why Companies Choose Ron Bush Consulting

Risk Assessment

Security Monitoring

24/7 information security monitoring lets business owners focus on business.

Industry Expertise

Years of industry experience plus daily monitoring of information security news and events to stay informed about possible threats.

Trusted Products

Access to the industry’s best tools for information security, data storage, and identity protection.

Trusted Products

What Our Clients Say About Ron Bush Consulting

Working with Ron Bush Consulting has not only made our business more secure, but has greatly increased our understanding of information security.  Ron does a great job of communicating his vast expertise in a way anyone can understand.  Thanks to his assessment, policies, and training our staff is in a far better position to protect both our network and our client’s information.

– Chris

Business Owner

As Ron explained the risks that all businesses and organizations are under due to the explosive climate of cybercrime, we now have a better understanding of the risks we face and things we can do to protect ourselves.

I recommend that businesses and organizations consider investing in a risk assessment of their data.  It can only make you safer an more protective of your customers and employees, as well as your company’s reputation.  The cost of the average data breach skyrockets year after year and using the services of specialists will save you big money in the long run.



Ron Bush Consulting, Inc. has helped me set parameters in motion to protect my business and patients from the ever present danger of experiencing a data breach.  This has helped me to move forward in business and securely grow my practice.

– Doctor P


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