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February Newsletter

So let me ask you a question: do you need the internet to do business?  Let's say the internet was down all day.  It could be a weekend or a day or two during the week.  Maybe a few hours or maybe longer.  Would it affect your business?  For some reading this newsletter, eh, not so much.  For others, it would be devastating....

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Learn how to protect yourself!

Most business owners and managers know they do not. Most IT directors and Chief Information Officers also know that they do not know where all their data is, but refuse to admit it to the “upstairs”. The truth is that an easy 95% do not whether they realize it or not. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents and so forth proliferate on individual hard drives, external hard drives, jump drives, smart phones and tablets, especially where the company or organization allows employees and management to bring their own devices (BYOD). It may be because employees are in a hurry and...

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InfoSec P&P

The first step is admit that you are at risk. Then get educated on HOW you are at risk. You cannot solve a problem that you are unaware of or deny its existence. In my interaction with business owners I never cease to be amazed at how many believe it will be someone else who is breached....

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Identity Theft

I believe that the most precious thing that any of us own is our identity. It is who we are. It is where we live and breathe. Our reputation, everything known about us, positive or negative, true or false, makes up our identity. To idly stand by and let someone steal it and pervert it is irresponsible....

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