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November Newsletter

November Newsletter   Cyber Attacks from the sky…oh my!   In late September of this year several people were arrested trying to purchase drones for use by ISIS. Think these might be sympathetic terrorists located in Yemen or one of the other trouble spots on the planet?  No, the arrests were in Denmark. It’s not normally a country we associate with terrorism, which may be why they were caught at all.   The trouble is the increasing frequency that drones are used by terrorists for attacks, surveillance and gathering intelligence. For example: Houthi rebels in Yemen have used them against the Saudis Hezbollah has used them...

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October Newsletter

October Newsletter   It’s one of our favorite times of the year at Ron Bush Consulting because October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month!   Here’s a tip you can try this month to improve your cyber security - multifactor authentication.   Multifactor authentication strengthens your current passwords by adding another level of security. Usually you will be prompted to use your mobile phone, or an authenticator application that provides an additional code to enter a web account.  This may be a code that is texted to your cell or emailed to you after you have partially logged in with user id and password. It...

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How Should You Respond to a Data Breach?

As the Internet becomes more necessary in people’s daily lives, there are a few notable points to make in regards to the cyberwars: Americans have not really been aware of the furious battles waging around them. Most Americans are just waking up to the fact that we are losing the war. The majority of Americans still believe it is the “other guy” who will get hacked. So on that less-than-cheery note, let’s begin with what to do if you suddenly discover you have experienced a data breach—a real probability.  If you have discovered a breach, it is quite likely it...

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The Future & Fear With Driverless Cars

Google and Tesla both seem to get their share of headlines because of the innovation of both companies. In 2017, many of those headlines revolved around driverless cars. While most of us look forward to the convenience, anticipated safety and security of driverless cars, others among us may have different ideas.   For instance, ISIS sees it as a way of carrying out brutal attacks against innocent civilians without requiring the suicide of one of their own. Imagine instances of driverless cars around the globe, filled with explosives that can be detonated for the maximum loss of life and casualties at...

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Phishing: Don’t Swallow that Hook!

While in Colorado on a recent trip, I recalled many a great meal eating Cutthroat trout, which is native to that area. The memories took me back to the fun of fishing in some little stream and the fight a little fish can put up before being reeled in. Ah yes, fond memories that get better with each passing decade.   However, in this blog post I’ll discuss a different kind of catch that even has its own spelling: phishing. In this application of the term you and I are the ones being pursued and unfortunately often caught.   It is estimated...

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A Business Continuity Solution for Ransomware

A Business Continuity Solution for Ransomware ShareSync by Ron Bush Consulting, is a 2-in-1 backup and file sharing service, offers a complete file management solution. Among its benefits: users stay up-and-running during a ransomware outbreak. Instantly roll back to uninfected files. Immediately access those clean files on any device Keep users productive while IT restores infected computers Avoid paying ransom to criminals Plus: save money with a 2-in-1 backup and file sharing service ShareSync combines real-time backup and file sharing into a single product. This 2-in-1 feature set enables file collaboration similar to Box and Dropbox alongside complete file backup and recovery...

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February Newsletter

So let me ask you a question: do you need the internet to do business?  Let's say the internet was down all day.  It could be a weekend or a day or two during the week.  Maybe a few hours or maybe longer.  Would it affect your business?  For some reading this newsletter, eh, not so much.  For others, it would be devastating....

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Learn how to protect yourself!

Most business owners and managers know they do not. Most IT directors and Chief Information Officers also know that they do not know where all their data is, but refuse to admit it to the “upstairs”. The truth is that an easy 95% do not whether they realize it or not. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF documents and so forth proliferate on individual hard drives, external hard drives, jump drives, smart phones and tablets, especially where the company or organization allows employees and management to bring their own devices (BYOD). It may be because employees are in a hurry and...

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InfoSec P&P

The first step is admit that you are at risk. Then get educated on HOW you are at risk. You cannot solve a problem that you are unaware of or deny its existence. In my interaction with business owners I never cease to be amazed at how many believe it will be someone else who is breached....

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